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1005 Langley St

Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


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1. Log in Problems

1)How do I login to my account ?

Visit: , enter your user name and password to login. 
Note: If you used to “Checkout as Guest”, you should use the email address you entered at the shipping address page. 

2)What if I can't log in ?

You can check if you enter the correct login details. Your login username is the email address. It might be your facebook login email or Paypal email address if you used to login with Facebook or checkout with Paypal express checkout button.

3)What if I forgot my password ?

You may reset your password by visiting: 


2. About tax

1) Do I have to pay the sales tax ?

There are absolutely no sales taxes or any hidden charges to pay on the China side when you buy goods at However when the goods are received, the recipient may have to pay some taxes on their local side. When you are buying from China, and the goods are delivered to your country, this is importing. The exact process in receiving goods will therefore usually be different from buying mail order products from online stores within your country.

2) Do I have to pay the custom tax ?

Depending on the specific country, some Customs offices charge tax on certain types of imported products at certain item quantities and declared values. Customs offices in other countries do not adopt this practice. You are responsible for finding out the situation in your own country. 
Whatever goods you order from, we will ship to you. We will not enforce any rules so it is up to you to make sure that what you are purchasing from us is acceptable to be imported into your country.


3. Track order

You can enter your order tracking number on this link [ ] to track your order.


4. About Delivery

Pease find it on this page [ SHIPPING INFO ] .Thanks.



Pease find it on this page [ RETURN & EXCHANGE ] .Thanks.



Pease find it on this page [ HOW TO ORDER ] .Thanks.