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1005 Langley St

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3/4mm Leather Craft Tools

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Material: Steel

Spacing: 3mm, 4mm

Total length:10cm

Model: 1 prong, 2 prongs, 4 prongs, 6 prongs

Quantity:1Set (4pcs)

Application: Thick leather for large objects, such as a large variety of large backpack leather saddle and so on.



-1 tooth for a right angle turn the main diamond cut or just need to play a hole where a single use.

-2 teeth cut diamond is typically used curve need to play two holes at the turn, or play small leather.

-4 teeth for straight, the most widely used.

-6 teeth for use when playing a long straight line, each can play six holes, very convenient.

-Adopt high strength steel, it is tough in structure.

-Polished and smooth handle is comfortable to hold.

-Feature fine resistance to abrasion and impact.

-Strong texture makes it uneasy to distort and break.


Package Included :

1 x 1 Prong Hole Punch

1 x 2 Prong Hole Punch

1 x 4 Prong Hole Punch

1 x 6 Prong Hole Punch

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