Adjustable Portable Slant Board

Adjustable Portable Slant Board

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What is Slat Board
A slant board is a flat-surfaced device which is made from durable or lightweight ABS material and is used to keep our muscles and tendons in perfect shape. By standing in a slant position on this board, you improve the performance of your muscles for exercise and cut down on cases of injury. If you are a plantar fasciitis, it's a great exercise tool at physical therapy at home, office,this board will help to relieve you of the pain.

Material:ABS environmental protection material
Color: Green
Dimension: 12*10.44 *3.23in

Stalls: 4
1st file: For kids or getting started
2 files: suitable for middle-aged people and people with a little exercise basis
3 files: suitable for yoga exercise, fitness people exercise to improve the flexibility of the body
4th gear: For fitness professionals, professional fitness athletes

Package include: 1x Adjustable Slant Board